FTP Login for File Transfer

If you have already been given a username and password to access the ProGraphics FTP site, click on the button above to login.

If you do not already have access to the ProGraphics FTP site, please call us first at (626) 287-0417 and ask for the Prepress Department so that we can provide you with a username and password.

When sending us a file, please be sure to notify us via e-mail or a phone call. In an effort to reduce data transfer time, all files should be compressed as a self extracting archive (.sea or .zip). File names should consist of letters and/or numbers only. DO NOT use any spaces or special characters such as commas, hyphens, ampersands, etc. Keep the file name as short as possible.

You may also send files via E-mail, provided the file is less than 10MB. Using e-mail, attach the file as a compressed self-extracting archive. Please note, e-mail is unsecure unless files are encrypted before sending.

If you have any comments or suggestions please E-mail us at: sales@prographicsllc.com