Saddle-stitched Booklets and Catalogs

"The thing I like most about ProGraphics is being able to sit down and go over ideas with the designer. You are the experts. I really appreciate you taking the time to offer advice about cutting costs and making our marketing efforts more effective.""

Tim Campa,
El Monte Rosemead Adult School

El Monte Rosemead Adult School uses bright colors throughout its course catalog and accompanying school-year calendar postcard to distinguish its different areas of study.

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El Monte Rosemead Adult School Class Catalog

The following 24-page catalog was designed by ProGraphics to capture both the quality and brand recognition of Hinson's high performance, after-market clutch components, with the excitement of sport bikes, ATVs, and off-road motorcycles. It also includes accurate and easy-to-read lists of parts availability for every year, make and model of bike.

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